Wedding Ring Metals – The Facts

Every couple getting married would like all aspects of their wedding and marriage to be special, unique and meaningful. During recent years, there has been a big increase in the different metals used for wedding rings and there are many new and exciting wedding ring designs to choose from. Gold and silver are still popular but are no longer the only metals with which you can have your wedding rings made rings

Jewellery shops are continuing to surprise us with their use of diamonds and other gemstones in wedding rings and the newer range of metals being used have opened up a whole new realm of stunning wedding bands that truly are original.

Since gold, silver and platinum are the best known materials used for wedding rings, in this article, we will look at some of the newer metals, palladium, titanium and tungsten,what makes them extraordinary and a percentage of the advantages of purchasing a wedding ring produced using one of these metal sorts.


Palladium has been around for quite a while. It is a valuable metal from the platinum family and all things considered has a large portion of the same qualities as platinum which is an exceedingly attractive metal however uncommon and henceforth, costly. Palladium is a normally white metal with a sparkling completion and its becoming increasingly popular in the production of engagement and wedding rings


Titanium is a characteristic metal inexhaustibly accessible for mining, yet while not an uncommon metal, the gems produced using this material is absolutely not basic. Titanium has been utilized as a part of an assortment of commercial ventures subsequent to the mid 1950′ as a result of its properties, mainly its imperviousness to erosion and its quality to weight proportion. It is a shiny metal and doesn’t require any extraordinary covering to make it solid or spare it from getting scratched as it is normally along these lines, dissimilar to white gold.


Tungsten or tungsten carbide as it is better known is the hardest metal used as a part of wedding jewellery. A few even claim it to be an “indestructible” metal as its notoriety for solidness is second to none. It is for all intents and purposes scratch-proof and will hold its sparkle until the end of time. Tungsten wedding rings come in numerous shapes, can be blended with different metals, can be lasered or engraved for special effect and can be trimmed with precious stones.

With the developing pattern for more contemporary wedding rings, the more up to date range of metals are important. They are altogether different from the customary wedding rings and have both a modern aged look and feel about them. With a wide assortment of unique outlines to look over, these metals have different elements that make them exceptional. They are hard metals meaning that rings made perfect for ordinary wear or for special occasions like a wedding.

Extra advantages of purchasing wedding rings produced using these materials are that they are hypoallergenic if the ring is not blended with different metals, eg, palladium and gold, so an awesome decision for those with sensitive skin. They requiere low upkeep unlike most materials and hold their sparkle well.

These new metals keep on demonstrating to couples today that exceptional wedding rings, that are tasteful and in style can be found thanks to jewellery innovation.

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