Looking for Wedding Inspo? Here Are The Top 5 Most Expensive Wines In History

There are many people who are passionate about wine or liquor. If you are one of them, it seems silly not to try the most powerful wines out there – what better time to treat yourself than on your wedding day? Most of the world famous wines are limited edition wines, but, you should at least know about the top 5 most famous wines. If you’d like to have any of these great drinks on your wedding day, get in touch with Need a Bar mobile bar in Essex.

You can find a lot of people, who are quite passionate about wine, and cannot spend a single day without drinking wine. Here are the top 5 most expensive wines.

Cheval Blanc 1947

Cheval Blanc 1947 is one of the most precious wines, and is enjoyed by the rich personalities, who want to show off their consumption of wine. Three bottles of wine which contain 750 ml in each bottle – priced around $135000 in the year 2006, and the price is not changed a lot, till date.

Cheteau Lafite 1787

Cheteau Lafite 1787 is a wine, which costs around $160000 at present, and thus, it is considered to be one of the costliest wines. The wine has relation with the grand personalities in the US, including the 3rd president of the United States. Though the wine had seen a few issues, it is still one of the single bottle costliest wines in the world.

Inglenook Cabernet Sauvignon 1941

Inglenook Cabernet Sauvignon 1941 is another costly wine, which might not be equally costly above the first two wines mentioned here, but is still costly. It is priced around $24675, and is one of the tastiest wines, ever tasted by a number of people. You can even get the sweet aroma of rose, which refers to the fact; the wine has been preserved quite well.

Chateau Margaux 1787

Chateau Margaux 1787 is another costly wine, which costs around $500000. Once the bottle of Chateau Margaux 1787 was broken accidentally and the insurers paid around $225000 for it. If you are looking for more such costliest wines, you should visit Twelve By Seventy Five, if you are really passionate about wine.

Screaming Eagle Cabernet Sauvignon 1992

Screaming Eagle Cabernet Sauvignon 1992 is a wine, which is priced at around $500000, similar to the last one. The wine was actually sold in a bid, in the beautiful Napa Valley, in 2000, and it was at that place, the wine was sold at the price of $500000, which is one of the highest prices, ever paid for a bottle of wine.


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Wedding Music Mistakes to Avoid

Sheet music of the Wedding March with roses and rings

Music is integral to a memorable and successful wedding ceremony. To make sure that everything goes according to plan, you need to rule out the possible mistakes that can happen. Here are some of the most common errors that need to be avoided.

Do Your Research

Most couples dismiss the idea of a band or DJ before even doing a little bit of research. Picking a wedding band or DJ with the help of a local provider is the very first decision you make regarding your wedding music and you narrow down your options if you rule out candidates without any good cause. If you prefer live music, you’ll need a bigger budget to afford it. If you have a tight budget but a lot of songs, hiring a DJ is your best bet. However, dismissing a band on the grounds of a tight budget is not fair as you may be able to get good entertainers at cheap rates, provided you do your research.

Getting recommendations is important as you’ll be able to come across startups that are really good artists but are affordable as they lack the experience and reputation they need to demand large bills. It may seem like a gamble, but hiring them can save you a lot of money. Plus, startup artists are willing to go the extra mile to impress, which can work in your favor.

Silence at the Start of the Ceremony

Most guests arrive before the ceremony and have to wait for twenty to thirty minutes. Even if you have planned the music for the ceremony, it’s a big mistake to leave them sitting in silence before the ceremony beings. If you’re hiring a live act, get them started twenty to thirty minutes before the ceremony. This gives them the time to warm-up and get familiar with the audience as well as keep them entertained.

Respect the Rules

If you’re getting married in a place of worship, your music might be interrupted as most churches and synagogues have rules that affect your ceremony music choice. To prevent this from happening, run your music choice and playlist by the officiant before you book a wedding band to make sure everybody is on board.

Sound Checks Are Important

Every venue has certain limitations or drawbacks. Sound checks are necessary to overcome problems such as sound amplification or power supply. They are vital as they give you an idea of how your wedding music will affect your ceremony. For example, hiring a soloist in a grand hall may be a bad idea or hiring a band in a limited place may not be your best bet.

Volume Issues

The volume of the music being played can make or break a wedding ceremony. Make sure your music is audible but not loud enough that guests cannot converse with each other. Wedding music should be pleasant, not annoying. This principle works in reverse as well; if the volume of your music is too low, it renders the whole effort useless.

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How to Pick One of the Best Wedding Bands


With the perfect wedding band your marriage ceremony becomes an extremely precious moment in your life, just like a scene out of a rom-com movie. With live music and a band playing yours and your partners favourite songs then you can’t go wrong. And your wedding is guaranteed to be a hit by all the guests.

When it comes to picking your wedding band you of course want the best and the best band is one that offers a versatile range of music. A marriage is a special day in which friends and family come together to witness the start of a couple’s married life and the joining of two families. Due to the amount of guests it’s important that your band can perform different styles that suit everyone.

Secondly a great wedding band knows how to read the room. By read the room I mean that the band should get a feel for the tone of the wedding at any given time and play their music accordingly. For example if there is a lively atmosphere perhaps play an upbeat song that everyone can dance to or if the coupled guests are feeling particularly romantic play a slow emotional song.

Though for entertainment purposes a wedding band is necessary for the wedding reception there is also a type of wedding band that is even more important, the wedding ring. In fact a wedding band can actually mean a wedding ring which is the item that symbolises marriage for eternity. So obviously in the terms of planning you should definitely look into the wedding rings from Orla James before the wedding band.

One thing is for sure with both items combined you’re guaranteed the best wedding day.

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